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About us

The company has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "endless life and endless struggle" and the development concept of "creating dreams and innovating far", closely focusing on the strategic direction of national animal husbandry development, closely focusing on the trend of comprehensive feed development, and continuously strengthening with China Agricultural universities, Shandong Agricultural University and other domestic scientific research institutes and universities engaged in bioengineering research and technical cooperation, through the introduction of high-tech cutting-edge technology and first-class production equipment, innovative research and development of feed-grade ferrous sulfate products, Haitu brand chicken powder, pork powder After the series of high-energy feed products and high-end pet foods have been put on the market, they have won the high recognition and loyal trust of many customers in the fields of aquatic feed, special feed, pet food and other fields.

Looking into the future, Xingya Biotechnology will take the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, structural reforms on the agricultural supply side and technological innovation as the carrier, with the vision of creating a “widely influential ecological feed industrial park in the province”, with the aim of “sincerely striving for first, concentrating together” "Strength" as the core value, on the basis of consolidating and enhancing the feed industry and feed additives, continue to expand the ecological industry chain, focus on improving the ecological value chain, radiate the development pattern of the surrounding feed circular economy, and strive to achieve organic economic, social and ecological benefits. Fusion makes new and greater contributions!

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